Here is Why Credit goes to the Lady Behind Ashwin Ravi’s Success, Sonam Gupta. But is She

Here is Why Credit goes to the Lady Behind Ashwin Ravi’s Success, Sonam Gupta. But is She

Ravichandran Ashwin, the name which no batsman wants to get featured with on the scorecard. No doubt Ashwin’s ball talks more than he speaks in the post-match presentations. He is king with the ball, handy with the bat and if you ask him to try umpiring, I am sure he will do better than what Steve Bucknor did in 2008 Sydney test (#AusvInd).

But to start with Ashwin wasn’t good in sports; in fact, he was not interested in sports. So what changed him in just a few years? The answer is simple; LOVE. NO, not for the game. It was a girl. Ashwin had a crush on Sonam Gupta when he was doing Engineering. Sonam loved playing Carrom, so Ashwin had to become a master in Carrom to impress her and for that he started playing Carrom 10 hours every day (like that chacha from Munna Bhai MBBS).  And the rise of Ravichandran Ashwin started from there. Those 10 hours of hard work every day now makes every batsman fear for his Carrom ball.

Ashwin had to switch his interest from Carrom to Cricket as soon as he got to know Sonam’s favorite sportsperson is a Cricketer. Do you know how Ashwin practiced making sure ball pitches on the seam? He used to write Sonam’s name on both the sides of the ball and made sure the ball pitches on the seam so her name doesn’t get hurt. Now Ashwin is one of the most feared bowlers in world cricket and we can’t ignore the fact that Sonam Gupta made Ashwin what he is now.

Everyone knows about “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hain” incident. But, what if I tell you Ashwin was the first one to write this, and not on a 10, 100 or 500 rupees note but on a cricket ball. We have an exclusive picture of that ball too.



But later when Ashwin found out, Sonam Gupta’s first love was a batsman, he decided to get every batsman out. He started with MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings, and now clearly since then Ashwin has been impressive with the ball.

But, Sonam Gupta being Bewafa, went away with someone else and didn’t notice Ashwin’s unconditional love and efforts for her. Not sure, but maybe the guy with whom Sonam went away was Glenn Maxwell.


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