Mrs. Alberto and the Doctor

Mrs. Alberto and the Doctor

Mr. and Mrs. Alberto, an elderly couple, are at their doctor’s clinic. After examining Mr. Alberto, the doctor asks him to move out of the room so that he may speak to Mrs. Alberto alone.

The moment Mr. Alberto moves out of the room, the doctor pulls his chair towards Mrs. Alberto.

“I must not hide anything and be honest with you” he tells Mrs. Alberto. “Your husband’s health has deteriorated with time, he’s getting sick with every passing day. He has only one fair chance left to fight his illness, and that golden chance rests on you.”

“How can I be helpful doctor”? asks Mrs. Alberto.

“Well,” replies the doctor, “You have to cook all his favorite meals from today itself. Every dish has to be gourmet quality and cooked exactly the way he likes.”

“Carry on,” says Mrs. Alberto.

“You also must never ever harass your husband about anything at all. His life must be free from any sort of pressure especially from your end. Even if he gets grumpy and tries to pick an argument with you, you must smile and let him have his way. You must not counterattack or lose your temper at him or yell at him on his mistakes.”

“Anything else that is expected from me?” asks Mrs. Alberto.

“You must not tell him to do any chores of the house. He must take complete rest. Let him sleep anytime or as long as he wants. Let him roam around with friends or watch TV or read a book or nap whenever he wants. You need to listen all his orders and make his life completely free of stress. If you don’t follow my instructions, Mr. Alberto will not be able to recover from his illness ever.

“Oh I see,” says Mrs. Alberto and she leaves the doctor’s clinic.

On the way to home, Mr. Alberto asks his wife, “so what did the doctor tell you?”

Mrs. Alberto replies, “He says that you are gonna die soon.”

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