The Teacher Who Paralyzed Me That Day

The Teacher Who Paralyzed Me That Day

It was the first day of class, High school Jr. year. An older wrinkly guy with the huge stache walked in and class went mum for a moment. That old man had a fringe of grey-white hair around his mottled balding scalp. With each movement there was the creak of old bones. He looked so old that if you picked any number at random, he was little older than that too.

He was so muffled inside the sack like brown coat and over that coat he wore a billowing light brown gown which looked like an old sack. It seemed as if this man had come with a motive of horrifying us with his deadly looks. Everyone in the class was getting negative vibes from him. He started going through the attendance, unlike other teachers he was looking up the whole time. Then he jumped to my name. Started to utter it, then stopped. Looked up, scanned the whole room, and finally he stared at me. “Ah, Mr. John, I’m glad to see you. How’s your family doing? Is your younger sister still playing the piano?? Is that golden colored ship still there on your dresser? Is your room still green in color?”

I was mortified, shocked with my mouth wide opened on getting attacked by personal questions he had put to me. I was short of words to respond, this creepy man had just described my whole family in matter of few seconds. When he described the interiors of my room, I was taken aback for a moment.

As told by someone that man had entered this school about a week ago and knew every minute details of my family. I thought how’s that possible? I asked myself, wondering like a maniac about the strange encounter with my class teacher.

Then he went back to taking attendance. A haze of fear had surrounded me that day long.

A sigh of relief came the very next day, when I broke silence telling whole incident to my dad. My dad whooped with laughter and told me that, the prank was being played at me by my uncle’s best friend. This best friend was none other than the one who had paralyzed me with fear the previous night. As I was aware of the truth now, the teacher had started appearing decent to me. He wasn’t too old, he had taken out the stache ( Which was unreal and he grew specifically for the prank, apparently), dressed nicely, stopped making unusual sounds and making his eye twitch etc.

I have to certainly admit, it was a good prank that I can never forget in my life. I still get tickled, the moment I think about that incident.

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