With a woman as a president, there would be more wars

With a woman as a president, there would be more wars

The law of leadership is eternal. One who is the strongest or wisest of a group, the most charismatic personality, not the one who is governed by emotions or wants to live in a carefree bubble. Women that led in the past always had an army of men to reach their goals. Imagine what would have been the outcome if female rule the world. There would be more wars as this profession requires calm under extreme pressure, their level is cruelly insufficient. They can not be put on war fields as they may be the liability for their colleagues and a prize for their enemies, if they capture them.

Female leaders are guided by their emotions and misconceptions and end up applying the highest level of double standards. You must have heard women saying “I took that decision out of the heat of the moment”. They listen to their emotions and feelings first, rationality of their decision is second. They hardly think about the later consequences of their present decision. It is considered that woman want to bake their cake and eat it too. They can sacrifice others for their benefits. Women are proven to be less effective leaders than their male counterparts.

I still remember lessons from my history books, It was mostly the women goading the men into conflict, insulting the other side, questioning the masculinity of their tribal leaders, and overall being known as conflict escalating Women. They do not expect to loose anything in an armed conflict unlike men who can loose their lives, their property, their freedom, or their loved ones in battle field. Women almost always prospered and lived long afterward.

Something that is worth mentioning is, when men were indulged in fights, they ended up finishing peacefully, but whenever women were involved fights ended up devastatingly worse. Moreover who was not insulted by her has to white knight leading to unending brawl.

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